Sports Team Preparation

Karpenisi is the most popular destination in Greece for sports team preparation and Avaris Hotel is the most organized hotel to accommondate them.

Years of experience in Sports Tourism and equipped with all the necessary facilities, our Hotel is always ready to cover all the needs of your team.

Our experienced staff, the full equipped Spa and Gym and our high quality proprietary soccer court are the elements that make the difference.

Avaris Soccer Court

Avaris is the unique hotel of the area with a high quality proprietary soccer court.

We provide your team full technical support with experienced staff with purpose to make a successful team preparation.

Sports Center of Karpenisi

At Karpenisi there is one of the most equipped sports center of Europe and it is possible to accommodate a huge amplitude of sport events.

Equipped with soccer courts, basketball court and tennis courts. There are also gyms, saunas and many other useful facilities for the athletes.

Golden Morpheus 2008

Avaris Hotel has awarded by independent agencies with the best mountain Hotel at Philoxenia Hotel Award. But the best award for us is the trust and loyalty of our customers.